185 Social Work Dissertation Topics (2023)

If you are a student of social work, then there are so many subjects that you can write about in your dissertation topic. Social work, in simple terms, is a set of functions that allow you to improve the lives of others. Social workers help adults and children cope with everyday issues, relationship troubles, personal issues and family issues. Given the scope of work of a social worker, finding the right social work dissertation topics can be challenging as there are so many pressing issues to cover.

In order to write a good paper and choose a topic that interests you, here are a few things that you should consider:

  • Choose a topic that is close to your heart: If you have chosen social work as your field of study, then there must be some area of work that intrigues you. This could be related to child care, women’s rights or health. To write a good paper, choose a subject that is of interest to you and will help you in your line of work going forward.
  • Make sure your topic is supported by data: Choose topics that have enough data to present strong arguments and discussions.
  • The paper should be thought provoking: Once you have got an approval on your proposed social work dissertation topics, use as much information that is relatable. The readers should take back some ideas from your paper and also have questions about how the system can be improved to fulfill the purpose of social work. This means that you need to find loopholes in the system and address them in your paper effectively.

Now that you know what a good social work dissertation paper entails, here is a list of topics to help you start your journey. However if you have more interesting things to do, remember you have an opportunity to buy dissertation and get the best result.

Social Work Dissertation Ideas

These are good dissertation topics for social work students at all academic levels:

  1. Write an in-depth paper on the perception and attitude of oppression between the community and healthcare professionals.
  2. Write about the inherent perceptions related to social work among different cultures.
  3. A comprehensive review of different approaches to strengthen users of social services.
  4. The role of social workers in end-of-life decisions.
  5. Is evidence based learning an excellent way of learning for social workers?
  6. What are your views on the law of reflection and its role in social work?
  7. What are the challenges faced by social workers with respect to inter-professional practices?
  8. Is tutoring an integral part of social work training? Write your views.
  9. Social work and government policies: Write a detailed review.
  10. How social work interventions can protect vulnerable adults.
  11. The common security issues faced by personal social workers.
  12. Transitioning from employment to social work: Challenges and advantages.
  13. Substance abuse among young adults. The role of social workers in prevention and management.
  14. A review on why women choose to remain in abusive relationships.
  15. The contribution of social services in helping families cope with a member with dementia.
  16. The relationship between social work and communities of faith.
  17. The role of social workers in promoting ethnic minorities.
  18. The best ways in which social workers can improve the life of the elderly.
  19. Does social work impact the quality of life of senior citizens?
  20. Disparities in the society that can be resolved to improve the lives of ethnic minorities.
  21. The importance of being gender sensitive in addressing the issues faced by the LGBTQ community.
  22. Is rehabilitation of young offenders the new way of ensuring restorative justice?
  23. Laws that allow the representation of marginalized societies in the government.
  24. Can prohibition of alcohol preserve law and order in a community?
  25. The role of drug addiction in increasing relationship problems within families.
  26. The primary factors contributing to juvenile delinquency.
  27. Does imposing a curfew on minors lead to increased chances of premarital sex?
  28. The role of the media in determining the electoral process of any country.
  29. Provide great examples of good governance with respect to the recovery of a city or locality after being affected by a natural calamity.
  30. Provide a social work perspective on the growing popularity of political figures and icons.
  31. How does education contribute to the ability of leaders to shape the social and political structure of a country?
  32. Can reactivating the death penalty change the rate of crime in our society?
  33. Do individuals who are in illicit relationships perceive the norms of a marriage differently?
  34. Experiences with healthcare of people who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
  35. Culture-based activism and its impact on the lives of Native Americans.

Easy Social Work Research Topics

These social work research topics cover a range of relatable and controversial subjects for you to write about.

  1. How can survivors of domestic violence get better employment opportunities?
  2. A study of women with sexual addiction.
  3. Reintegration of individuals who have survived abuse into the society.
  4. The primary causes and the best ways to prevent juveni;e recidivism.
  5. Examples of great women leaders in our community.
  6. Should immigrants be given health services?
  7. What are the best housing options to support young people?
  8. Medical care for the elderly: The challenges.
  9. A detailed study of the relationships of HIV positive individuals.
  10. Is customer satisfaction the most important goal for a business?
  11. The barriers in social work with respect to climate change.
  12. The experience of a home care worker in a caring relationship.
  13. Are voluntary tourism communities in Chile an example of social development?
  14. Why do we still hesitate to talk about sex?
  15. How does organizational culture contribute to marginalism?
  16. The role of leadership practices in eliminating new forms of marginalism.
  17. Graduate students and the attitude towards couples therapy.
  18. Review the employment services for domestic violence survivors in your region/ country.
  19. Evaluate eviction risks based on social and cultural perceptions.
  20. Write about the experiences of women who are in a relationship with an individual who is sexually addicted.
  21. Provide a qualitative study of resilience and risk associated with young people.
  22. How does health affect the employment of refugee and immigrant women?
  23. Does encouraging traveling among women promote community leadership?
  24. Humanities and the relationship with citizenship.
  25. The perspectives of youth and service providers on the impact of housing options for young adults.
  26. The role of arts in boosting healing processes.
  27. How has dance impacted society?
  28. How to improve medical facilities in rural areas?
  29. The experiences of rural individuals with social workers.
  30. How do the concepts of our society affect the lives of individuals with HIV and AIDs?
  31. Improving care for individuals with HIV and AIDS.
  32. Explore the nature of collaboration between individuals who suffer from poverty and various organizations in regions that are at a high economic and social risk.
  33. The importance of sexual health education for immigrant women.
  34. The social risks of gender identity.
  35. How can the theory of dynamic systems be applied to countries that are in a war situation?

Child Protection Dissertation Ideas

Here are some good dissertation topics for social work students who are interested in childcare services:

  1. The impact of agencies in protecting children: Provide a review of literature based on real practices.
  2. Will children who experience or witness abuse and violence within the family perpetuate the same type of behavior?
  3. Impact of family support and protection in child protection intervention by social workers.
  4. The health problems of adults who have survived child sexual abuse.
  5. The contribution of social workers in carrying out effective interventions for survivors of child sexual abuse.
  6. Factors that contribute to adopted children seeking out their biological parents.
  7. The impact of domestic violence on children and the resulting consequences for a social worker.
  8. Review the educational achievements with respect to childcare in your region.
  9. Review of literature of education and childcare in California and what the world can learn from it.
  10. The effect of gambling on the lives of children.
  11. The common factors that affect the socio-economic requirements of children.
  12. How can social workers aid the emotional growth of children?
  13. The impact of pornography in increasing the rate of crime and violence against chidlren.
  14. The views of sexual abuse victims on pedophilia.
  15. How do the physical changes during puberty affect the psyche of a child?
  16. The risks associated with child welfare decisions.
  17. How can education prevent violence against children?
  18. An analysis of the maternal experiences of victims of child sexual abuse.
  19. The experience of new social workers in child welfare.
  20. Secondary traumatic stress between young counselors and children.
  21. The best ways to protect a child in custody.
  22. Support strategies to prevent child poverty in your country.
  23. A study of resilience in individuals when building a strong future after emerging from a difficult childhood. Provide examples.
  24. Immigrant families and adolescent development.
  25. Is gender neutral upbringing overrated or is it the need of the hour?
  26. How does the environment in the school impact the self esteem of children?
  27. A case study to review the challenges of children with learning disabilities.
  28. The benefits of studying child development in improving the contributions of social services.
  29. The reason for the ignorance of child development for several years in history.
  30. Write a detailed paper on the formation of ego with respect to different stages of development.
  31. The effect of an absent parent on the developing years of a child.
  32. How does domestic violence affect the concept of self in a child?
  33. Child education and the impact of single parenting.
  34. Factors that contribute to the retention of employees in childcare.
  35. The causes and best strategies for the protection of runaway children.
  36. The role of gender differences in shaping the outlook of children.
  37. Why is play an important educational tool?
  38. The best policies to promote the rights of children.
  39. Factors that influence the quality of food in child care centers.
  40. The risk factors and effects of bullying.
  41. The best ways to reduce behavioral issues in children in foster care.
  42. The relationship between disability and the chances of a child ending up in foster care.
  43. The lack of child support and the effects on child care.
  44. How does group therapy help children in foster care?
  45. The impact of constant changes of family in orphaned toddlers.
  46. How does homelessness impact the psyche of a child?
  47. Recurring displacement and the effects on homeless children.
  48. Factors that contribute to an antisocial lifestyle in children in foster care.
  49. The effects of substance abuse on the lives of children.
  50. The trauma of child-parent separation on the lifestyle and health of children.

Social Work Dissertation Topics Mental Health

Mental health contributes to some of the most important dissertation topics for social work students.

  1. Why do individuals with obsessive compulsive disorders struggle to cope with society?
  2. The effects of living with bipolar parents on the health and lifestyle of a child.
  3. Why should we socially interrogate the stigma associated with mental health?
  4. The role of social workers in improving support for individuals with mental health issues.
  5. The occurrence of suicidal tendencies in military units and the best ways to address them.
  6. The impact of death on the collective well-being of any family unit.
  7. The positive impact of sponsors on the lives of recovering addicts.
  8. Provide a clinical study on the current anti-depressants and their effectiveness.
  9. How to stop social elimination of children suffering from Down Syndrome.
  10. The role of a family in exacerbating depression.
  11. The impact of alcoholism on personal lifestyle, family and society.
  12. Provide a detailed analysis of the similarities and differences between ADHD and Dyslexia.
  13. The best ways to improve awareness on degenerative mental health issues like Dementia.
  14. The need for more awareness among educators about learning disabilities.
  15. The most effective learning tools for children who suffer from ADHD, dyslexia and other learning disorders.
  16. A detailed evaluation of socio-sexual education programs for individuals with developmental disorders.
  17. Evaluation on the impact of developmental disabilities in the life events of an individual.
  18. Life with a spouse who has memory loss.
  19. Provide an exploratory study of different aids available to the primary caregivers of children with autism.
  20. The meaning of well-being based on the cultural and ethic backgrounds of individuals.
  21. Building resilience towards traumatic incidents using the mind-body connection of yoga.
  22. Is the stigma against mental health disorders greater for women? Conduct a comparative study.
  23. The perspectives of a woman living with mental illness and receiving assistance from community services.
  24. Investigate how smoking gives individuals with depression a sense of belonging or acceptance.
  25. Are mental health services equally accessible to minorities and other oppressed groups?
  26. Do mental health service providers avoid detention of young males in their psychiatric units?
  27. The relationship between government policies and effective mental health assistance.
  28. Common behavioral issues of children in dysfunctional families.
  29. The impact of foster care on the mental health of teenagers.
  30. The effect of poverty and scarcity on the psyche of young children.

Social Work Masters Dissertation Topics

If you are writing a dissertation paper for your master’s degree, here are some interesting topics for you to choose from:

  1. How is the lifestyle of a metropolitan city failed by the criminal justice system?
  2. What are some sure shot signs of trauma in the workplace?
  3. The effects of racial disparity on our society.
  4. The best ways to control substance abuse and addiction.
  5. How can the facilities at nursing homes for the elderly be improved?
  6. The negative impact of food banks.
  7. Government policies that have improved welfare conditions.
  8. The impact of homophobia on our community.
  9. Primary factors contributing to violence in a family.
  10. The effects of unemployment on society.
  11. Stigma and social issues faced by welfare mothers.
  12. Experiences of women who live in shelter homes.
  13. The inherent challenges of transracial adoption.
  14. How to make wellness therapy more sustainable?
  15. The impact of first-time menstrual experience on teenage girls living in foster homes.

Common Dissertation Topics For Social Work Students

If you wish to get top grades, here are some topics that give you a lot of literature and data to review.

  1. Birth control laws and their negative impact.
  2. The challenges of increasing housing costs on the youth.
  3. Workplace abuse and the relationship with paid labor.
  4. The impact of cultural belief on relationships.
  5. The negative impact of teenage pregnancy.
  6. Low income neighborhoods and the increasing cases of substance abuse.
  7. The hazards of confinement and why they need our attention.
  8. The need for therapy of poorly represented groups.
  9. Misdiagnosis of mental health issues and its impact.
  10. How can empathy improve social services?
  11. The need for qualitative examination of foster homes.
  12. The contributing factors for violence in correctional systems.
  13. Do therapists need therapy?
  14. How trafficking impacts societal well-being.
  15. The reasons for unreported abuse cases.
  16. The hidden trauma of survivors of natural calamities.
  17. Traumatic experiences of children in foster homes. A clinical study with measures to prevent them.
  18. Growing in a war zone and the psychological impact.
  19. Common myths about child services and foster care.
  20. Is there a disability disparity among social workers?

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